A Real Life Super Hero

13 09 2019

There was a real life super hero amongst us mortal beings. With a touch of her hand I felt better, with a kiss from her lips a boo boo was healed, when I and my siblings were in need of sugar, she would walk barefoot in the snow 3 blocks to get candy and never think twice about it. She put all the ingredients in the cabinet and fridge together to make a meal that tasted like heaven and could never be repeated. When i did wrong she punished me to teach me the lesson of how to be a person of integrity, honor and just plain great at being a human being. She gave me choices so that i would learn that when a choice is made of your own free will it came with consequences, whether good or bad. There was always a consequence and the only way to learn was to fail from time to time. The greatest adviser a child or grown man could have. Everything she did was for someone else, she had no clue how to take care of herself but excelled at taking care of others.

My Mommy was the Greatest Super Hero to Ever walk amongst us mortals. She passed away Sunday 8 September 2019. I miss her more than I ever thought possible.