12 10 2018

So I thought i would start writing about our journeys, Vacations and Adventures that will include places we stay, things we see, and the food we ate. I am no food critic so do not take my word for anything concerning food it is only my opinion, but feel free to taste it yourself.

It is late 2018, October to be precise. we are late this year in taking our vacation. We were here in 2016 for my 50th birthday celebration and enjoyed it so much we have come back, not to recreate but to continue to explore. We most definitely revisited some of our favorite places but made some effort to see some new things and try some new wines, we are after all in Wine country.

We started off with a couple of old favorite places. In the town of Bodega sits a run down bar and grill called the Casino. While it may seem seedy at first this place has some of the best food in Sonoma County. We ordered up some Pork Steaks and a bottle of wine from the Russian river area and sat out on the back porch and enjoyed the cool air while enjoying yet another great meal at this restaurant. Lots of locals in the bar tonight but nothing rowdy about them, this was a Saturday night and what better place to be than here. The location of the town of Bodega has some history. Not a stones throw from the Casino is the church and school-house that appeared in the Alfred Hitchcock Movie “the Birds” They are overly proud of that fact but with a town you can drive through in about 60 seconds you take what you can get. The other place we stopped by was the Sonoma Coast vineyards Tasting room located off route 1 along the bay. We met Andrea the wine hostess for the day and even though they were cleaning up to close she gave us a little tasting of what she still had open and out on the counter. she invited us back for a special tasting the next day. We are members of their wine club so we might have gotten some special attention, but i like to think she was just being a great hostess for out-of-town people. We bought a Bottle of their Pinot Noir to take home with us.

We rented a house for the five of us as 5 people paying for a big old house beats just the two of us and adventures are meant to be shared. Our place was located right off route 1 and overlooked the bay and Bodega Head in a private golfing community. We do not play golf but we do like a walk on the beach early in the morning or at sundown and it was a 3 minute walk to the beach.


As you can see the views are breathtaking. I am not a professional Photographer in any stretch of the imagination but i do okay for no training.

On our first full day here we decided to hit the whole foods in Sebastopol. A small town not far from were we parked for the week. we needed food for breakfast and dinner. We were pretty sure we would do lunch out and about. The one place we always go to when here is fisherman’s Cove on the road to Bodega head. Being from New England I must say that this place has the best Clam Chowdah (yes that’s how we say it) I have ever had. If you are an Oyster lover, may I suggest the chipotle butter grilled Oysters? They are amazing. So yes we stopped in after groceries were dropped off at the house. After that we went back to Sonoma Coast vineyard Tasting room because we promised Andrea we would, and we don’t break promises. We had a full tasting and bought yet another bottle of wine. We also signed up to do a wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting. This may sound kind of like a weird thing but so worth the time.

For the next few days we visited more Wineries and hit a local cheese shop Freestone Artisan Cheese where they have some fantastic cheeses to bring home and set out as a pre dinner snack. They will also provide the right crackers for your cheese selection. We have a membership at Iron Horse Winery which is where we go for our bubbly. They do such a great job there it is always going to be on our list to stop in when we visit. We did a tasting and I ordered some for shipment home. I hope that it will be there when i arrive. We had a driver for one day to take us to the russian river vally are for wine tasting so that we could all taste and not worry about driving home. Our driver for the day Soussan was very knowledgable and knew exactly where to take us. She runs her own company called Sonoma wine tours. We enjoyed our 6 hour tour of wines and she picked a fantastic place for us to do lunch called Pascaline Patisserie and Cafe. I suggest the Croque monsieur, it is like sitting in Paris having lunch.  We hit some great small production wineries like Dutton-Goldfield Winery, we did a VIP tasting with Barbara. The lady knows her wine and was a fantastic hostess. That winery produces a Gewurztraminer that is to die for. We ordered 6 bottles of that simply because its a hard wine to find and very few American wineries produce this french style wine. After that we met with Dave Hewitt at Benovia Winery who came in on his day off to give us a private tasting. The wine was so good we joined the club and bought some of his wine as well. One of the places we went was Merry Edwards Winery, While the wine was very good excellent Whites to be exact, the hostess was a little to rushed and lets us know many many times that she prefered French wine but that this would do if she could not find any french stuff. She was a bit much and it was because of her we did not buy any wine from this winery. Had we had a hostess or host who was not so uptight and rushed and possible stoned I am sure we would have bought some wine to ship home. Merry Edwards is the first female owned winery and she was the first woman to graduate as a wine maker in this region. There is a lot to love about this place I suggest you give it a try, but if your hostess is a 20 pound blond girl who wont look anyone in the eye I suggest you opt for a different hostess the tasting is free of charge.

We have a wine dinner we signed up for this evening, a great way to spend our last night here before flying home tomorrow.

So in review, visit, drink, eat and relax for this is one of the best places to vacation we have been in a while.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what your comments are if you have been here and either agree or disagree. I am open to a good discussion. I will leave you with some more pictures from the trip.